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The Mission

The mission of whatisyourgay.com is to advance LGBT rights by enabling everyday citizens to tell their stories.   To give everyone with access to the internet a chance to show who they are and break the boundaries established by television and stereotypes.  It is time for the LGBT community to speak up and show people who we really are in all of our variety.  Whether that is rich or poor, black, white, yellow or pink, old or young.  It is time to put a face to the everyday person in the LGBT community.


It is also the mission of whatisyourgay.com to help those who are still struggling with who they are to find themselves.  By promoting openness whatisyourgay.com hopes to empower those who are still struggling with their identity.  We want them to know that they are not alone, whether they be in New York City, or Callaway, Nebraska.