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It is time to LGBT UP and make our voices heard

As I sat on the couch tonight and watched the results of the Maine elections roll in I was first happy and then saddened to see the results.  I have grown up in New Hampshire my entire life, but I have many family members in Maine.  I have cousins that have grown up in areas that wouldn’t seem to favor gays.  I also know gay men and women who have overcome prejudice in their communities to live a life that is true to who they are.  I am proud to be gay and I am lucky to be fully and warmly accepted by my family.  But, I was struck by something as I watched the results come in.  My whole family knows someone who is gay.  Me.


I have been a member of the school of thought that if someone knows a gay person they will be more likely to relate and as a result support the LGBT community.  I know that I do not live in Maine, but I get some of the television ads on my tv and I never once saw a gay person speak about what marriage equality means to them.  The No On 1 campaign did a great job finding mothers and children who support gays, but what about gays themselves.  Where were the gay couples telling their stories, sharing their dreams?  Below are a few of the ads.  They are good, but they are sterilized.


I created this website as a place for people to share their story.  To tell what being gay to them means.  It is time for the LGBT community to step up.  For many of us we are not out at work, we are not out to family and friends.  This cannot continue if we want equal rights.  I have created a platform in which people can share their stories.  I have posted mine.  I tell people that I am gay, and I break down their preconceived notions of what being gay means.  I am not saying it is easy and I am not saying I always feel comfortable doing this.  But, as a gay person I feel that it is my duty to do my part.


After all, someday I want to get married and have kids.  If I am not willing to standup for others now, how can I expect those rights to be there when I am ready?


My challenge to you is this.  If you are gay tell your story.  Tell your friends and family. Or post your video on this site and share it with the world.  If we hide behind a wall of security fearing job discrimination, or being beaten up we will never be equal.  It is time to LGBT UP and make our voices heard.  Tell your story!

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While I am proud to live in a state that currently allows gay marriage, moments like these make me so aware of how easily this right could be taken away. It just breaks my heart to see progress being made, and then unmade just as easily.

November 4, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterKristina

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