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Is President Obama to blame?

In the wake of the vote in Maine, blogs full of outrage have exploded.  Some have been so bold as to claim that gay marriage was not upheld because President Obama did not make remarks in support of gay marriage.

Now, I know that many people will say he is very busy, look what is on his plate, how could he make comments in support of this state initiative.  To this I say, he found the time to campaign for Jon Corzine in New Jersey.  If the President of the United States can fly to New Jersey to campaign, he could definitely have taken a moment to say a few words.  I don’t even care if he said them.  Why didn’t President Obama have his press secretary issue a statement?

I am by no means blaming President Obama for the success of the passage of Proposition 1.  All I am saying is that if he is going to campaign saying that he supports the LGBT community then he better stand by it. Since he isn’t, I think it needs to be noted and pressure needs to be applied.  As John Stewart suggested if his plate is full perhaps he needs a bigger plate.

With Maine’s vote to get rid of gay marriage, proponents have now set their sites on other states feeling more confident than ever.  There are some conservatives in New Hampshire that are now looking at ways to repeal gay marriage there.

What it comes down to is that the rights of people in the United States should never be put to a popular vote.  If a popular vote had been used to abolish slavery or give mixed race couples the right to marry, we would still have slavery in some states and mixed race marriages would still be illegal.  Just last week Keith Bardwell, a justice of the peace in Louisiana denied a couple a marriage license because they were different races.

Today on Capitol Hill demonstrators against the healthcare bill protested stating that the bill would take away their freedom if enacted.  I am sorry, but a bill that is trying to GIVE you healthcare at an affordable price can’t even hold a candle to what you are doing to those in the LGBT community.  If you want to talk about having your freedom taken away I would be glad to sit down and have a conversation with you.  Denying someone happiness is taking away their freedom.  Creating a better healthcare system under which all American’s can access affordable healthcare is not removing freedoms.  I should know, I am gay and I don’t have healthcare.

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