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Proposition 8 goes on trial but will you be able to see your accusers?

Saturday Afternoon the lawyers that are going to court to uphold the Prop 8 vote have filed an appeal with Justice Kennedy to keep the court case from being aired on TV or in this case YouTube.  Some of you may have signed a petition that we posted earlier this week asking that the hearings on Prop 8 be televised.  That request was denied but Judge Walker has agreed that the hearings can be taped and broadcast via the Internet.

The lawyers that will be defending Proposition 8 have filed their appeal because they believe witnesses will feel pressured knowing that their testimony can be viewed worldwide.  Attorney Charles Cooper who is defending Prop 8 is quoted as saying “The record is already replete with evidence showing that any publicizing of support for Prop. 8 has inevitably led to harassment, economic reprisal, threats, and even physical violence. In this atmosphere, witnesses are understandably quite distressed at the prospect of their testimony being broadcast worldwide on YouTube.”

Here is where I take issue with what Mr. Cooper is saying.  Mr. Cooper wants to protect his witnesses from being harassed, loosing money, being threatened or beaten up for what they say about taking away someone’s rights.  I find that rather amusing considering that members of the LGBT community face discrimination, are harassed, are passed over for advancement in the work place and lose money and are threatened, beaten or even killed everyday.  I am sorry, but if you have the desire to take away someone’s rights you better have the wherewithal to do it while they watch.

I believe that everyone should have a right to face their accuser, and in this case the people saying that gay couples are less than equal and should not be able to marry are the accuser.  I want to hear the words come out of their mouths as they try to explain how the love between two men or two women is any less important than the love between a man and a woman.  And yes, since these people are trying to take away my rights I may try to hurt them (though not in a physical manner).  If a witness happens to be affiliated with a business that supports discrimination and I can avoid being a patron, I will.  If they can take away my rights I can damn well make sure I am not giving them any of my money.  For a list of national companies who work to take away rights from the LGBT community either directly or at the hands of their presidents, owners or other board members please click here.

A decision on whether or not cameras will be allowed in the court should be decided by Noon today (Sunday January 10, 2010).  The hearings start Monday.


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