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Hate Rears its Ugly Head in New Hampshire

Recently Alfred Baldasaro of New Hampshire went on a tirade against gay marriage, and said that the state of New Hampshire is selling children to homosexual couples for $10,000.  Baldasaro goes back to the old standby that New Hampshire by legalizing gay marriage has opened the door for Incestuous relationships between mothers, fathers and their children.  Same old GOP bullshit trying to scare people into revoking the rights of those who are different from them.

You can watch the video below filled with Baldasaro's hate speech.  He starts about 20 seconds in and makes his comments about children being sold to homosexuals at the end of the clip.  As a lifelong resident of New Hampshire this makes me sick!  This is not what our state is about. 

New Hampshire passed legislation in 2009 making it legal for gay couples to marry that went into effect January 1st 2009.  Shortly after voters defeated marriage equality in Maine, the political machine responsible for legalizing hate and discrimination in California and Maine turned at least one if its eyes to New Hampshire.  Tomorrow opponents of gay marriage will ask a House Committee to repeal the law and put gay marriage to a popular vote.


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