Hatred Spills Onto The Field At Ohio High School Football Game
October 20, 2010
@CitizenChandler in Homophobia

After all of the national attention that bullying has been getting, specifically the bullying of LGBT teenagers it is shocking to me that something like this could happen.  During a Thursday night football game between Eastlake North High School and Willoughby South High School an estimated 300 Eastlake fans (students and adults) chanted "Powder Blue Faggots" at the Willoughby South team.  In response, principal Jennifer Chauby of East Lake North High School told On Top Magazine

“We did put a stop to it as soon as we heard them chanting it, and it's totally unacceptable and they know we don't condone that type of behavior,"

Chauby also said that because so many people joined in the homophobic chant that no one would be punished.

After hearing about this story I did some digging and found a YouTube video that includes the chanting as well as some of the comments that the video elicited.  While dramatic, I think it is worth watching and reading the comments that were made.  It is hard to believe that people will still stand by and condone this type of hate speech.

I would also like to remind everyone who hasn't left their home yet, or who has the option of changing, that today is a day to show your support for the LGBT community and those that we have lost to bullying and hate crimes by wearing Purple.  If you would like to show your support on Facebook you can tint your profile picture purple by clicking here.


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