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Catching Up

When I came out at the age of 19 I had never been with a man or a woman.  Now that I have lived in the "gay world" for a few years I have noticed that there is a sense among a lot of gay men (can't speak for women on this one) that they need to catch up.  As if they have been missing something.

Now, I will admit that I did feel as if I was a little behind the times.  Here I was a 19 year old virgin and most of my friends guys and girls had lost their V cards in high school.  But, I honestly never felt like I had to catch up.  I had waited 19 years to come to terms with who I am and I could wait a little longer to meet someone that I cared about and trusted.

Many of the gay men that I have met seem to remember their first time but not necessarily the guy they were with, and my question is why?  Why do we feel pressured to catch up and sleep with people that we don't care for?  I know that sleeping with people indiscriminately isn't something that is restricted to homosexuals, but there does seem to be a trend that when a man comes out he must go and have lots of indiscriminate sex.

The first time you have sex with anyone it is awkward and on top of that it being your first time EVER is even more awkward, so why not do it with someone you know, trust and care about?  Maybe it is just me being a prude, and perhaps I am but I am sure there are other guys and girls out there like me?

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