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Same old pig, new shade of lipstick 

With the Republican convention underway, I decided to take a few moments and familiarize myself with the party’s platform.  In the pursuit of being an informed voter, I wanted to know exactly what the Romney Ryan ticket would get me.  After all, they are “America’s Comeback Team.”

I was somewhat surprised to find that I agreed with bits and pieces of it here and there.  What I was not surprised to find was that it is still a platform that pledges more invasions into the lives of women, and discrimination against people who are not straight, married, god fearing people.

Of particular interest to me was the section entitled “Preserving and Protecting Traditional Marriage” which claims that marriage is in fact the “foundation of civil society.”  I would tend to disagree.  With only a handful of states recognizing same sex marriage, most of our married couples fall under the banner of traditional marriage.  I don’t find our society to be particularly civil, and what about single parents?  Don’t worry; there is something here for them as well. 

We recognize and honor the courageous efforts of those who bear the many burdens of parenting alone, even as we believe that marriage, the union of one man and one woman must be upheld as the national standard…”

I am not a single parent, but if I was, that would feel like a slap in the face.  A patronizing, “we know it is hard and you are doing your best, but your best isn’t good enough” kind of statement.  Anyone else?  And what is this national standard that they are speaking of, when roughly 50% of all marriages in the United States end in divorce.

Then there is the section on “Adoption and Foster Care” about how important this system is and that there needs to be more funding.  Where do they suggest states get help with funding and support for their foster care children?  Faith based organizations.  Is that really the best they can offer?  An additional note here, LGBT adoptive parents tend to adopt children who are harder to place with adoptive or foster families.  This includes children with mental and physical health problems.  But, LGBT families don’t fit into their definition of traditional families, so they aren’t good enough for one of the over 400,000 children that need loving homes.

I think my overall problem with the platform is not that it is discriminatory, but that for a party who claims they want limited government intervention, they are certainly sticking their hands in a lot of pots.  At least the Democrats will legislate that you have to have healthcare, and tell you to your face.  Republicans would do the same and tell you that they are actively trying to have less influence over your life.


The Day has Finally Come

Do you feel that?  Don't Ask Don't Tell has been missing from the lives of American's for almost 24 hours now.  So, what has changed?  Not much if you ask me.  Our brave men and women are still fighting side by side.  The world did not end, and California didn't fall into the sea.  Just as Harold Camping was wrong when he told us that the world would end earlier this year, so to were many people wrong when they said that removing DADT would cause our military to colapse.

Here is the thing.  The United States is a vast country made up of people, all of whom can think for themselves.  Sure there are those who hate gay people, but most of them probably haven't met any.  The whole point of this website was originally to give people access to gay people so they could see how much alike we all are.  Today soldiers were able to get married, tell their father's that they are gay, tell his/her friends that they aren't interested in the guy/girl they are being set up with.  In short it was just an average day.  An average day that reinforced just how oh so similar we all are to each other.  Without differences this world would be pretty boring, so let's celebrate the small differences and let them unite instead of divide us.




Villains Posing as Victims

Over the course of yesterday while I was working I kept an eye on one of the most divisive issues of my generation.  Should same-sex marriage be legal?  I realize that this court case is playing out in California, but as we know, the decisions made in these courts will become precedent that could help or hinder the march toward equality throughout the country.

With all of that said, here is what I have gleaned from the events of the trial so far.  The lawyers that are arguing that same-sex marriage should be illegal really don’t have much of a leg to stand on.  They are using the same old talking points that have either been disproved (children will be harmed if they are raised by a same-sex couple) or are simply discriminatory (same-sex couples are not as good as their heterosexual counterparts).

The main problem for those standing in the way of same-sex marriage is simply that there is no good reason for keeping Lesbian and Gay couples who are in love from getting married.  From everything that NOM (National Organization for Marriage) has said so far it looks more and more like this trial is less about winning (Keeping Prop8 on the books) than it is about making noise.  NOM has already set the stage to play the part of the victim in this case, saying that the judges are biased because one of their spouses works for the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) and has previously worked on this case.  That is all well and good, but we all know that if the shoe was on the other foot and one of the judges had a spouse that worked for NOM, they wouldn’t be saying a word.

What this all comes down to is that NOM and its supporters will continue to undermine our constitution and try to paint themselves as victims all the way to the supreme court.

From what I have seen, I am hopeful.  The thin arguments that are being offered by opponents of same-sex marriage coupled with the strong arguments being put forth by the lawyers fighting for equality lead me to believe that equality will triumph over hatred in the end.




Hate Rears its Ugly Head in New Hampshire

Recently Alfred Baldasaro of New Hampshire went on a tirade against gay marriage, and said that the state of New Hampshire is selling children to homosexual couples for $10,000.  Baldasaro goes back to the old standby that New Hampshire by legalizing gay marriage has opened the door for Incestuous relationships between mothers, fathers and their children.  Same old GOP bullshit trying to scare people into revoking the rights of those who are different from them.

You can watch the video below filled with Baldasaro's hate speech.  He starts about 20 seconds in and makes his comments about children being sold to homosexuals at the end of the clip.  As a lifelong resident of New Hampshire this makes me sick!  This is not what our state is about. 

New Hampshire passed legislation in 2009 making it legal for gay couples to marry that went into effect January 1st 2009.  Shortly after voters defeated marriage equality in Maine, the political machine responsible for legalizing hate and discrimination in California and Maine turned at least one if its eyes to New Hampshire.  Tomorrow opponents of gay marriage will ask a House Committee to repeal the law and put gay marriage to a popular vote.


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Proposition 8 goes on trial but will you be able to see your accusers?

Saturday Afternoon the lawyers that are going to court to uphold the Prop 8 vote have filed an appeal with Justice Kennedy to keep the court case from being aired on TV or in this case YouTube.  Some of you may have signed a petition that we posted earlier this week asking that the hearings on Prop 8 be televised.  That request was denied but Judge Walker has agreed that the hearings can be taped and broadcast via the Internet.

The lawyers that will be defending Proposition 8 have filed their appeal because they believe witnesses will feel pressured knowing that their testimony can be viewed worldwide.  Attorney Charles Cooper who is defending Prop 8 is quoted as saying “The record is already replete with evidence showing that any publicizing of support for Prop. 8 has inevitably led to harassment, economic reprisal, threats, and even physical violence. In this atmosphere, witnesses are understandably quite distressed at the prospect of their testimony being broadcast worldwide on YouTube.”

Here is where I take issue with what Mr. Cooper is saying.  Mr. Cooper wants to protect his witnesses from being harassed, loosing money, being threatened or beaten up for what they say about taking away someone’s rights.  I find that rather amusing considering that members of the LGBT community face discrimination, are harassed, are passed over for advancement in the work place and lose money and are threatened, beaten or even killed everyday.  I am sorry, but if you have the desire to take away someone’s rights you better have the wherewithal to do it while they watch.

I believe that everyone should have a right to face their accuser, and in this case the people saying that gay couples are less than equal and should not be able to marry are the accuser.  I want to hear the words come out of their mouths as they try to explain how the love between two men or two women is any less important than the love between a man and a woman.  And yes, since these people are trying to take away my rights I may try to hurt them (though not in a physical manner).  If a witness happens to be affiliated with a business that supports discrimination and I can avoid being a patron, I will.  If they can take away my rights I can damn well make sure I am not giving them any of my money.  For a list of national companies who work to take away rights from the LGBT community either directly or at the hands of their presidents, owners or other board members please click here.

A decision on whether or not cameras will be allowed in the court should be decided by Noon today (Sunday January 10, 2010).  The hearings start Monday.


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