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Welcome to 2010

You may have noticed that we took a long but much needed break for the holidays.  We hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season and we welcome you all back to what is sure to be an exciting year.

Lots has happened in the weeks that we have taken off but today we want to bring you an opportunity to get involved in the fight for LGBT rights.  In just a few days the court hearings on Proposition 8 in California will begin.  Opponents of gay marriage are trying to keep television cameras out of the court room, but we want to make sure the hearing is delivered to the public on TV.  Please take a moment to add your name to the list of people asking Judge Vaughn Walker to allow cameras into the court room.

It is easier for those who are trying to take away rights from US citizens to do so when they do not have to worry about being held accountable for their words and actions.  Let us make sure they are held accountable by making sure that we can see and hear them as they try to make the case that members of the LGBT community do not deserve the same rights as every other citizen!


Click Here to add your name to the petition


Avatar update:

We saw it did you?  Bright and early on opening day a couple of the Whatisyourgay.com team put on winter coats and braved the cold to see the blockbuster.  The overall feeling was that Avatar was indeed all that it had been hyped up to be, but what did you think?  Over the past weeks we have found a few websites claiming that they should have included a gay character (here is one of the more "interesting" blogs we found) or theme in the movie.  I for one do not feel the movie needed a gay character, though it could have added an interesting twist.  In what is sure to be a new movie franchise do you think we will see a gay character in the future?  Did you feel left out of the movie experience because there was no gay character?


Things to look for in the new year and in the near future:

New Contributors

New Video submission criteria

New Initiatives for you to get involved in

As always we would love to hear from you.  Drop us a comment or send us an email.  We are always looking for new opinions and we would like to welcome all of our readers from around the globe to participate (looking at you United Kingdom readers).


Two men met in London to declare their love

Two men met in London over the weekend to declare to the world that they love each other enough to enter into a committed relationship in the eyes of the state.  Their nuptials caused an outcry in their homeland; you see both men are originally from Kenya where homosexuality is detested and two men having sex is still illegal.  Not only is sex between two men illegal, it is punishable by up to 14 years in jail.

There is such a stigma around two men being in love that the families of both men were harassed in their communities in Kenya.  This stigma goes far beyond marriage and has been a leading factor in the spread of HIV.  For the most part men who have sex with men are ignored.  This has caused such problems as misleading information being dispersed, most notably that HIV is not transmitted through anal sex.  This is of course not accurate, and anal sex is one of the most effective ways for HIV to be transmitted.

The Kenyan government is trying to put aside the stigma to begin working with the community of men who have sex with men, but will it be enough?  From what I have read their plan doesn’t seem to go nearly far enough.  The stigma is far to prominent, and is held not only by everyday citizens but also by doctors.  With this type of thinking HIV will continue to be an issue.  What Kenya needs is an all out HIV education blitz.

Many readers may dismiss this as another story about HIV/AIDS in Africa, but there has recently been a resurgence of HIV infection in the United States.  With 3% of the residents in Washington DC being infected by HIV/AIDS a rate that surpasses that of West Africa. Perhaps the US needs an HIV education blitz of its own.

Over the past few years in many conversations I have had with gay men both friends not, the topic of safe sex has come up. I was startled to find how many of these men that I spoke with have participated in unprotected sex.  Of course HIV is not only a disease for gay men, but it has historically been the demographic most impacted.  There is also a population of men who have sex with men but who do not identify as gay who participate in unsafe sex with both men and women.

The gay stigma linked to HIV is one that is unfortunate, but perhaps the gay community needs to start championing the cause again.  It is time for a resurgence in attention to practicing safe sex.  Sure there are new HIV treatments, and perhaps that is part of the problem.  Many men in wester countries look on HIV as something that you can live with.  I would argue that you may be able to live with it, but no drug can beyond a doubt guarantee that you will live a full and uninterrupted life.  So, why take the risk?

Two men met and declared their love for each other in London this weekend, a city they are accepted in.  When will they be accepted in their own country?


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Is President Obama to blame?

In the wake of the vote in Maine, blogs full of outrage have exploded.  Some have been so bold as to claim that gay marriage was not upheld because President Obama did not make remarks in support of gay marriage.

Now, I know that many people will say he is very busy, look what is on his plate, how could he make comments in support of this state initiative.  To this I say, he found the time to campaign for Jon Corzine in New Jersey.  If the President of the United States can fly to New Jersey to campaign, he could definitely have taken a moment to say a few words.  I don’t even care if he said them.  Why didn’t President Obama have his press secretary issue a statement?

I am by no means blaming President Obama for the success of the passage of Proposition 1.  All I am saying is that if he is going to campaign saying that he supports the LGBT community then he better stand by it. Since he isn’t, I think it needs to be noted and pressure needs to be applied.  As John Stewart suggested if his plate is full perhaps he needs a bigger plate.

With Maine’s vote to get rid of gay marriage, proponents have now set their sites on other states feeling more confident than ever.  There are some conservatives in New Hampshire that are now looking at ways to repeal gay marriage there.

What it comes down to is that the rights of people in the United States should never be put to a popular vote.  If a popular vote had been used to abolish slavery or give mixed race couples the right to marry, we would still have slavery in some states and mixed race marriages would still be illegal.  Just last week Keith Bardwell, a justice of the peace in Louisiana denied a couple a marriage license because they were different races.

Today on Capitol Hill demonstrators against the healthcare bill protested stating that the bill would take away their freedom if enacted.  I am sorry, but a bill that is trying to GIVE you healthcare at an affordable price can’t even hold a candle to what you are doing to those in the LGBT community.  If you want to talk about having your freedom taken away I would be glad to sit down and have a conversation with you.  Denying someone happiness is taking away their freedom.  Creating a better healthcare system under which all American’s can access affordable healthcare is not removing freedoms.  I should know, I am gay and I don’t have healthcare.


It is time to LGBT UP and make our voices heard

As I sat on the couch tonight and watched the results of the Maine elections roll in I was first happy and then saddened to see the results.  I have grown up in New Hampshire my entire life, but I have many family members in Maine.  I have cousins that have grown up in areas that wouldn’t seem to favor gays.  I also know gay men and women who have overcome prejudice in their communities to live a life that is true to who they are.  I am proud to be gay and I am lucky to be fully and warmly accepted by my family.  But, I was struck by something as I watched the results come in.  My whole family knows someone who is gay.  Me.


I have been a member of the school of thought that if someone knows a gay person they will be more likely to relate and as a result support the LGBT community.  I know that I do not live in Maine, but I get some of the television ads on my tv and I never once saw a gay person speak about what marriage equality means to them.  The No On 1 campaign did a great job finding mothers and children who support gays, but what about gays themselves.  Where were the gay couples telling their stories, sharing their dreams?  Below are a few of the ads.  They are good, but they are sterilized.


I created this website as a place for people to share their story.  To tell what being gay to them means.  It is time for the LGBT community to step up.  For many of us we are not out at work, we are not out to family and friends.  This cannot continue if we want equal rights.  I have created a platform in which people can share their stories.  I have posted mine.  I tell people that I am gay, and I break down their preconceived notions of what being gay means.  I am not saying it is easy and I am not saying I always feel comfortable doing this.  But, as a gay person I feel that it is my duty to do my part.


After all, someday I want to get married and have kids.  If I am not willing to standup for others now, how can I expect those rights to be there when I am ready?


My challenge to you is this.  If you are gay tell your story.  Tell your friends and family. Or post your video on this site and share it with the world.  If we hide behind a wall of security fearing job discrimination, or being beaten up we will never be equal.  It is time to LGBT UP and make our voices heard.  Tell your story!

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