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Uganda Changes Course

If you are a frequent reader of the blog you may have read the article that I posted about a bill in Uganda that would end the life of homosexuals living with HIV.   The newest news is that thebill has been re-worked so that Uganda will not be killing anyone.  However, there will still be punishments for those convicted of being gay, and will “encourage” homosexuals to get counseling so they may be “cured.”

I also wrote that Rick Warren, a good friend of President Obama would not speak out against the bill.  Well now that it has been reported that the bill is being changed and that the Uganda parliament will be removing the death penalty Warren has spoken up condemning it (watch his address to Uganda’s pastors here).

Warren is not the only person speaking out against the bill.  I would like to congratulate Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen for adding her name to the growing list of people who oppose this bill.  Ileana for those unfamiliar is a Republican who represents the 18th district of Florida that includes Miami and Key West and has helped fight for LGBT equality.

Finally I would like to congratulate Rachel Maddow for her excellent telling off of Richard Cohen author of the book Coming out Straight and a member of the International Healing Foundation.  You can watch this interview below.

I realize this post is a general rehashing of news and I apologize for the lack of posts recently.  I can assure you that there will be more in the near future.  We hope that you are enjoying the site so far and are always open to comments and contributions.  If you have not yet recorded your story don’t forget to submit it to us so that we can post it.


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Death for Gays in Uganda

I was disturbed when I heard the latest news that there is currently legislation working its way thought the Uganda legislature that could see homosexuals killed.  The legislation as I understand it states that any person who is caught having “knowledge” (sex) with someone of the same sex can be jailed for life.  It also seems that if it is found that this person is HIV positive they can be given a death sentence and executed.

For those of you who have been reading the blog for a bit or have gone back and read previous posts you know that I posted about gay life in Kenya.  Well, life as a homosexual stands to get far worse.  The government in Uganda (like many in Africa) is taking the position that homosexuality is not natural and that it is actually an import from Western culture.  Essentially they believe that homosexuality is not something that is natural but instead is taught by foreigners (this view is also heald by some in the Western world, lest we forget).

Sadly this claim is gaining traction because there are some “ex-gay” citizens who are coming out and saying that they used to go into schools to recruit children and make them gay.  One man inparticular claim to have been funded and trained by western organizations.  The man’s name is George Oundo, and he announced his past dealings after becoming a Born-again Christian.  Oundo is now an “ex-gay” Born-again Christian after working with a church run by Pastor Martin Sempa.

Some of you may recognize Martin Sempa’s name as he has in the past had close ties with Rick Warren, the same man who gave the invocation at President Obama’s inauguration.  Warren has since tried to distance himself from Sempa, but it is fairly clear that Warren agrees on some levels with Sempa (who is pushing for the passage of the newest anti-gay legislation in Uganda).

This past weekend Warren tried to paint himself as a man for the people in an interview on Meet The Press, but has stopped short of declaring Uganda’s proposed legislation to be what it is – a violation of human rights and Christian values.  For Warren to go on TV preaching that he is a man of the people and that he is only here to love his fellow humans, he is not doing a very good job. In fact he states that one of the things testing people’s faith is “demonizing differences.”  I cannot think of a better example than this legislation in Uganda of demonizing the differences between people.

So far Gordon Brown and Stephen Harper (Prime Minster of the UK and Canada respectively) have condemned this new legislation.  My question is why has Obama not come out in opposition of this legislation?  Today the White House announced that the US will host the 2012 International AIDS Conference.  What kind of message are we as a country sending when we agree to host the International AIDS Conference and at the same time our leadership does not condemn legislation that proposes gay people that are HIV positive be put to death?  Lastly, what does it say about our President that his go-to pastor (who now claims to love everyone) will not denounce this legislation?


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